What if God decided not to give us life,health ,or strength today? What if He decided to fire us from the job we put before Him? What if He decided to take away that person you love so much over Him? What if He decided to take back His sun,moon,stars,flowers,and so many other things He blesses us with,which we don’t even appreciate? How ungrateful,unappreciative, and uncaring  society has become, their lifestyles,and behavior is so obnoxious ,repugnant,and offensive it shows little or no respect,fear or reverence for God and His creation. What if He took it all back? How would you feel ? Would you acknowledge and recognize Him then? Or would you just keep on blaming Him or the devil for your mistakes and choices? Which proves 2 Timothy 3 accuracy and truth,which states,” This I know,also,that in the last days perilous times shall come,for men shall be lovers of their own selves,covetous,boasters,proud,blasphemers,disobedient to parents,unthankful,unholy,without natural affection,trucebreakers,false accusers,incontinent,fierce,despisers of those that are good,traitors,heady,high-minded,lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God,having a form of godliness,but denying the power if it,from such turn away..”. If you are in any of the above category,you can change all that around instantly,by accepting God’s gift of His son,believe,accept,and live for and like Him,you can get started by going to the top of this blog,click on to the salvation page and get started. One way of telling God thanks,and have an attitude if gratitude for all He has done for you,is to live for Him,in spirit and truth. As Hosea 4:6 says,
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”.and 3 John 1:4 says,”I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth”.