We have change of government, change of location, change of status, change of height, and stature, even change of weather. However, the changes we go through don’t matter because we have a God that never changes, and He never leaves us nor forsakes us. No matter what happens, no matter the changes we go through the fact still remains that thousands of years ago the biggest change in the world was when God proved His love for us, by sending His only begotten Son Jesus, and Jesus proved His love for us by taking our sins and dieing so that we can be free from the curse of sin and death.

Now the question is, with all these changes have you changed your status from death to life, sinner to redeemed, bastard to adopted, lost to found? Have you changed your citizenship from this earth to heaven? Are you willing to change or remain the same? The only one who has not changed is Jesus, and He doesn’t need to because He is good, Holy, righteous, and perfect, and Hebrews 13:8 says,”He is the same yesterday,today,and forever,” and no one can put a claim to that but Him.

However,He is the one we need to follow, and change to be like Him,so that God will be pleased with us, like how, He was with Jesus, when He walked on earth,are you interested and ready for this change? Then click on to the salvation page,at the top of this blog,and get started.