Got you,  no I don’t hate anyone.  Just wanted you to know that hatred is a sin, that breeds and cultivate other sins: anger, malice, even murder, etc.

Why is it so easy to hate and so difficult to love?

The royal law in (Leviticus 19:18; James 2:8) “LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF”

God was not prejudice when it came to love. He loved everybody, send Jesus for everybody, He had no prejudice, color, pedigree, or favorites,  even though me and couple billions of people think that we are special.

He sent Jesus to save everybody, who is willing to accept and serve Him.

Love flows out of our deep gratitude of His love for us, instead of our likes and dislikes for others.

Lets spread some love this year.

“LOVE COVERS A MULTITUDE OF SINS.” ( 1 Peter 4:8; James 5:20).