Thank  you  LORD  for allowing  me  to  live to see another  Birthday , I NEVER  WOULD  HAVE MADE IT,WITHOUT  YOU.  I didn’t  do anything  it’s  all you God.
Thank you Heather Smalling for putting  this  together . 

Ozzie on this your birthday: 
Today’s date is 12/12. Are u familiar with your bible? If u are, u will appreciate today! 
Gen 12:12: You will not die, you will live. 

Ex 12:12: There will be Passover in your life. 

Num 12:12: You will not look like something born dead. 

Deut 12:12: You and your family will joyful and will make merry in the presence of God. Josh 12:12: You will defeat all your enemies. 

Judges 12:12: All your sins are buried. 

1Sam 12:12: A new and a better king will rule in your life. 

2Sam 12:12: The evil plans of your enemies will be made public. 

1Kgs 12:12: Your favors shall return back to you. 

2Kgs 12:12: You will build your own house. 

1Chron 12:12: Your rank shall be the greatest. 

2Chron 12:12: Even in your unworthiness, God’s anger will not destroy you. Wishing you a lovely day.


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