Today’s Message: I am Woman
I am a woman who fought many battles;

But I am still standing.

I have cried thousands of tears.

But I am still smiling.

Have been broken hearted, broken, betrayed, abandoned, subjected and rejected;

But I still hold my head high and walk proud, laugh loud, living without fear and loving without doubt.

I am beautifully and wonderfully made;

I am humble, I am kind, I am precious, I am elegant, I am a princess, I am loved

Because I am a child of God.

I am enjoying the blessings of God.

When I have no one to talk to an inner voice says,”I am with you every second of your life.”

My problems may seem overwhelming but I know God’s power is stronger than any obstacle I may face.

Yesterday I put behind me, tomorrow I am not going to sweat because we haven’t met.

And Today I embrace as a gift from God.

Whatever I face today I rest in Jesus because He is the way; He is my Help; He is my strength when I am weak and weary.

He says “My grace is sufficient for you. For My strength is made perfect in weakness”. (1 Corinthians 12:9)

I believe in God’s protection, and the overflow of His presence to help me through whatever circumstance the enemy has set in my path.

I tell myself I am going to be happy.

Because I am letting go of what’s gone.

Be grateful for what remains and look forward to what is coming next.

I will find joy in every day not because life is good or bad;

But because God is always good.

I know that sometimes I will have perilous and winding roads.

But my God has given me the assurance that I have a course plotted out for me and He is watching my every step.

When I lose my direction, He is the compass of my way.

When my nights are long and sometimes cold, He is my Fire and Light.

When I am sad I call upon Him and He comforts me and take my fears away.

When I am alone He holds me close and His hand is there for me to hold.

When the enemy comes with his worthless army, my God steps in and fights my battle.

Every day is a new day which He creates for me to start afresh and anew.

Because He gives the best to those who leave the choice to Him.

And that is what I do.

No matter how my life gets, whether stormy or not, I will not let it gets me down.

I am going to smile and be always thankful because God woke me up today;

And every day is a blessing.

So i rejoice and be glad in them.

Therefore I am thanking God for each new day;

Thanking Him for leading, guiding and directing me;

Thanking Him for showing me His way;

Helping me for living my life His way.

Thanking Him and asking Him to go before me today and make all my crooked places straight.

Lord, as I admire the wonderful things You have made;

Let me be reminded that I am one of them.

Dear Lord, I need You, I exalt You, I praise You, I adore You, I worship You and most of all I love You with my heart, soul and might.

I give You all the honor and glory in Jesus mighty and precious name, amen!! . Written  by my friend , and sister  Heather  Smalling.

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