GOD has made you VICTORIOUS through Jesus Christ, His Son.
Your enemy the devil, is on death row awaiting his demise. Quit accepting defeat!
There is a devil running around, roaring lies to you, but he has no authority. He is only just a copy cat who wishes he was the Lion of Judah – Jesus Christ. He wants you to think he has power greater than the Lord’s and gives you images of Jesus, still today having to fight him for you. Jesus did that already, once and for all. Greater is He in you —the Spirit of the Living God, than he –the dumb devil, in the world. He has already been judged and is waiting for his time of demise, stripped of his authority.
Quit accepting defeat.
You are victorious in Christ Jesus.

Thank You Lord Jesus! Thank You Lord for all You did for us.  We don’t deserve it, but You did it anyway! I love You forever Jesus! ❤️