The world’s definition of strong is totally the opposite of God’s definition. More muscles, money,nor prestige doesn’t make you strong,because when that person is sick with any kind of ailment it rendered them powerless,because the body has succumbed to something that’s stronger on the inside,which makes the physical appearance useless and hopeless. It is because of their physical appearance, that they look down on people who they portrayed as weak,and so they use their appearances to intimidate and prey on people whom they consider as weak. However, when you are a child of the Most High God,appearance doesn’t matter, because God doesn’t look on the outward appearance, nor the physical attributes that He created, He looks at the heart. So all muscles and no heart makes you useless. Samson didn’t have muscles,weights, nor muscle enhancements drugs, yet he had supernatural strength. When Jesus was on earth they viewed Him,as weak and useless,Isaiah 53:5-12 gives us a detailed description ,”He is despised and rejected of men,a man of sorrows,and acquainted with grief,and we hid as it were our faces from him,he was despised, and we esteemed him not….” ,yet He was Omnipotent. This is how people in authority, with power, wealth,and muscles view the weak and less fortunate, but don’t be mad or disappointed,because,they treated Jesus the same way,and look where He ended up,and so will we,that’s why He told us in Matthew 5: 3-12 that we are blessed, therefore ,we must rejoice,and be exceedingly glad;for great is your reward in Heaven. No matter how things look,you are never weak,because 1 John 4:4 says,”Greater is He that is in you than, he that is in the world”.Your weaknesses is not a proclamation of failure, nor defeat,and it should never be a problem,but an opportunity to rejoice, because it’s when you are weak, that’s when Christ is strong,and His strength is made perfect in weakness. when you allow the Holy Spirit be the greater one inside of you. As a matter of fact God shows up in your weakness