Time is an investment,that most people ignore or considers irrelevant. However,whatever captivates your interest ,you invest time in,for instance to get a degree you spend time in school and the books. To get pay check you spend time in a Job. But why is it people don’t spend time with God in prayers,and the word to reap His benefits and rewards. Is who or what you are spending most of your time with or on worth it? Are they worthy to occupy so much of your time? One hour out of twenty-four hours is not enough time invested in God to keep the devil away. Come on folks do the math, if you only give God one hour per day, then the devil has you for twenty-three hours to run havoc in your life, to drive you crazy, to tempt you with the lust of this world, and make you feel like God has abandoned you, when it’s you who have deserted Him until you want something.

If you spend more time on the internet, watching television, reading magazines, and talking on the phone, how much time does God get?  If we don’t spend time with our heavenly Father, if we don’t read His word, if we don’t communicate with Him, if we don’t listen to Him, if we don’t acknowledge Him in everything that we do how do we expect Him to give us our hearts desires and answer our prayers. It is only when we submit to God and resist the devil that he will flee from us (James 4:7). How will you know the way to God, when you don’t know or spend time with Jesus, His son(John 14:1-6).

Who you invest your time in, they will invest in you, James 4:8 tells us to, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to us.” Then verse ten reminds us that it’s only when we humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord, only then will He lift us up. Ephesians 5:15-16 tells us, “To walk circumspectly, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” Jesus tells us in John 15:4, to abide in Him and He will abide in us. So tell me this how are you going to do the things Jesus did, like heal the sick and cast out demons if you don’t invest time with Him, and as He said abide with Him.

Who or what you love always takes up most of your time, your energy, and your thoughts. God’s love is on display everywhere you go, every time you open your eyes, every time you take a breath, every time you eat. Yes He is omnipresent, but how close is He to you? Is He living in your heart? Are you meditating on Him daily, hourly, every minute or second, or only when you need His help? Please don’t allow Him to tell you depart from me I never knew you. Give Him your life today, give Him your all ,give Him your time, is that too hard to do?

God invested the time to send His only begotten son Jesus Christ to save us and bridge the gap that the devil opened through Adam and Eve. Jesus invested His time by showing and teaching us the way to God. He went as far as dying for us, so the least you can do is invest some time into knowing Him. Why not start today? Just go to the top of this blog, click on to the salvation page, and follow the instructions. Trust me it will be worth your time. More time with God increases your favor, grace, mercies, and blessings, try it.

All praises, glory, honor, and thanks go to God for using me to minister to His people. I pray that He will give all who read this spiritual wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to receive it. I bind the foul spirit of blindness, deafness, and concrete hearts, and ask the Loed to release the Holy Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind to open their eyes, unclog their ears, and soften their hearts, so they will receive what the Spirit of God has for them, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.


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