Who are you following,or idolizing? Who are you running behind or after? Is it someone who has your best interest at heart? Are they doing as the scriptures say in,
I Thessalonians 1:2-5
We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in our prayers, remembering without ceasing your work of faith, labor of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ in the sight of our God and Father, knowing, beloved brethren, your election by God. For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance, as you know what kind of men we were among you for your sake.
Why follow someone who wants your money,who neither suffered, nor died for you,and not leading you down the path of righteousness.
I Thessalonians 1:6-7
And you became followers of us and of the Lord, having received the word in much affliction, with joy of the Holy Spirit, so that you became examples to all …
It’s sad when folks go out of their way to follow people who are going straight to hell. The sad thing about it,is that some of these folks are self made,self appointed,and self righteous bishops,pastor’s,apostles,etc. Who are lovers of self more than lovers of God.
2 Timothy 3:2-6 describe them as covetous,boasters ,proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents,unthankful,unholy…and the list goes on,if the person you are following falls in any of those categories ,then you are following them down the wrong path. Matthew 15:13-14 says it best,”… Every plant,which my heavenly Father hath not planted,shall be rooted up. Let them alone,they are blind leaders of the blind,and if the blind lead the blind,both shall fall into the ditch”. So again I ask who are you following?
Jesus said in Matthew 4:19..”Follow me,and I will make you fishers of men”. Not of self. He also said in John 13:15 “For I have given you an example,that you should do as I have done to you”. How many folks you follow are humble enough to serve you if they have to? The Apostle Paul puts it this way,”Be he followers of me,even as I also am of Christ”( 1Corinthians 11:1).
which simply means,don’t follow Him,if he is not following Christ,who is our perfect example,as 1Peter 2:21 tells us,”For even hereunto were he called,because Christ also suffered for us,leaving us an example,that he should follow His steps”. So why are so many following the mandates of men,who neither suffered or died for them? Psalms 37:23 says the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,and He delights in His way. Therefore,check the steps of the person you are following, and make sure their steps are ordered by the Lord. How do you check the steps by reading the Bible,prayer,and above all the leading of the Holy Spirit who is greater in you,than he that is in the world. If you don’t know God, nor have a personal relationship with God nor His only begotten Son (Jesus) then get started by going to the top of this blog,click on to the salvation page, and get started,then allow the Indwelling Holy Spirit to,and direct your steps. All glory,praise,honor,and thanks be to God,for His message through the Holy Spirit,you who have an ear to hear,hear what the Spirit of the Lord has to say,because His word never returns void,but it accomplishes what it was sent to do,in JESUS name,Amen. Don’t follow Facebook and Twitter more than Jesus? Then reverse that now,in the name of Jesus.


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