A man walking down the street with a 9mm handgun, is  considered to be armed and dangerous, yes, if he knows how to use it, and how many bullets he has .

This is how people should look at a Christian with the armor of God on. Armed  and dangerous or deadly, but the same rules apply, do they know how to use it, and how much word do they have in them. Listen you can’t fire a gun with no bullets, you can’t rebuke, or resist the devil, with no Bible verses in you. Jesus, told him, ‘it  is written'(Matt 4:4, 7, 10).He had the word of God in Him, and He was the word.

Demons should tremble and flee when they see the Christian coming, the spirit of sickness and diseases should be leaping out of bodies, before we touch the sick.

The armor is not only for defensive purposes, it is also for offensive maneuvers, but if you don’t know it’s use and purposes, how are you going to stand, and defeat the enemy.

Ok, lets put it on together so we can stand: (Ephesians 6:10-18)

(1) THE BELT OF TRUTH – we must make a honest, self-examination and evaluation of ourselves. Both spiritually and naturally, are we in right standing with God, do you know the truth, JESUS(John 14:6). Does the truth set you free(John 8:31-32).

(2)THE BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS – this protects your heart, which is your spirit in the inner most part of your being, this allows the others parts to work right, God loves to dwell here, if you have a relationship with Him.(Psalm 119:11)

(3)SHOES OF PEACE – this keeps you in harmony with God, it’s tranquility, serenity, and quietness, which keeps the turmoil out, so you can hear from God clearly (Romans 12:18).

(4)THE SHIELD OF FAITH – this blocks everything, that is contrary to Gods word, and protects all the other armor, Eph.6:16 tells us this is the one, you need to grab quickly.

(5)THE HELMET OF SALVATION – this is your head protection, to cast down all imaginations, doubts, and  fears the enemy tries to put in you.(2 Corinthians 10:3-5; 2 Timothy 1:7)

(6)THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT – the armor was built on this,(a) the word of God ,(b)Jesus Name, who is the word(John 1:1).Hebrew 4:12 tells us this is our power and strength.

Now, to put less work on the armor, we must pray in the spirit, this is our secret weapon which is like, a sniper with a AK47 assault rifle, picking off or killing the enemy from a distance, before it gets close to us. This clears the path for Gods, supernatural power to be manifested, thus giving us the victory in Jesus name. This is just a brief summary of the power of the armor, please study it in details to get the full benefit.

If you are interested, in this type of protection, which leads to everlasting life, go to the top of the blog, and click the salvation part, and follow the instructions. TO GOD BE THE GLORY, AMEN.


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