Hard work never kills anyone,but not working does,because you will have to be dependant on someone ,who will be abusive to you,and demanding of your time and everything else. Working will kill you if you do it in excess just like drugs and alcohol,however if you don’t work you will be a beggar for life ,and beggars have no choices,they have to settle for leftovers.Some people consider working as a sin,but it’s not,it is what you choose to work on or at that manifest into sin; working gives you the priveledge and affordability to purchase what you want when you want,which gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Before sin entered the world ,working was pleasurable and easy,it was an enjoyable activity, just imagine Adams  duties in the garden of Eden before he and his wife sinned,he didn’t have to plant anything , just to name things,and admire the beauty of everything that God made, the different kinds of flowers,and fruits to eat,that was good and perfect (Genesis 2:15).If working was a sin God would not have built the world and create us to take care of it,He would not have put adam in His garden to tend it.

In proverbs 6:6-8,God uses the ants, one of the smallest creature that He made to demonstrate the importance of hard work,let me sum it up for you,He said consider the ant who has no one bossing them around,screaming,or yelling,but they work hard and diligently to get as much supplies into their nest before winter comes;now if you really think about it,if they don’t work they don’t eat.In the garden of eden the fruits were available,but if they are hungry and refuse to go pick it,then they can’t blame God or anyone else,but yourself.

Unfortunately ,people in society has allowed the devil to use them to blame the economy,some government official,their parents,even God.They seek the get rich quick mentality and fail to realize that if you sing or rap,play sports,act it is still considered work,and like anything else the harder you work the more you accomplish.You will never get anything from God if you don’t go out and seek it,if you don’t get out of the house and off your butt ,and do something,

Luke 11:9-10 says,”


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