Is there such a word as Christologist? or persons known as a Christologist?

We have Meteorologist who gives weather reports, Psychologists who study the mind and behavior, but how about a Christologist who studies and tells about Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son.

Christologist was spoken of in the old testament when Isaiah 40:3 says there was one crying in the wilderness prepare ye the way of the Lord. The first known Christologist was John the Baptist because he was the predicted one crying in the wilderness preparing the way for Jesus the Messiah, mediator, King etc.

Now today we, who belong to Christ, are all Christologists who believe, study and speak about Jesus Christ like Paul and the disciples who were Christologists. If you are ashamed of the gospel of Christ then you will keep it a secret, therefore you are not a Christologist. However, if you are willing to go tell people about the gospel of Jesus Christ,on the mountain top, over the hills, and over the valleys, then you are a Christologist.

Who did you tell about Christ since He saved you? How can you be a Christian and be quiet about it? Aren’t you proud to be a Christian?


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