Todays generation has taken love to a whole different level, with a totally different meaning. The divorce rate would be less and divorce lawyers would have to find a new profession if true love prevailed. Imagine if people, especially Christians, would apply 1 Corinthians 13 to their lives, lifestyles, and truly obey and live by every word of this standard of love. Then maybe the statistics of single mothers and fathers would be less; instead of baby mothers and fathers, there would be husbands and wives; there would be no sugar daddies and hoochie mammas, because love would have truly prevailed and covered a multitude of sins, because we obeyed God’s standards for love. If love prevailed would there have been so much war and rumors of war? Is it too late to love as God intended us to love?

Will we ever get to the point where we love others as we love ourselves? In Romans 12:9-10 it tells us,”Let love be without hypocrisy, hate that which is evil, cling to that which is good;Be kindly affection one to another with brotherly love, in honor preferring one another.” Will we ever be able to love each other as Jesus loved us, and sacrifice or lay down His life for us, as written in John 15:13. Will we ever obey the added commandment Jesus gave us in John 13:34-35 and love each other as He loved us, so that all the world will know that we are His disciples, because love prevailed. Do I have to wait till I get to heaven, to see this type of love, that Jesus displayed, be manifested. God wants churches to be unified in love, not war, bitterness and contempt for each other, aren’t we serving the same God of the universe?

Jesus could have come down from the cross and saved Himself,He could have aborted the mission but He decided to die. After peeking into the future and seeing what He had to endure, He went to God in prayer, because His soul was exceedingly sorrowful even unto death; Jesus said, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; never the less not as I will, but as thou will.”(Matthew 26:8-39) Wen we look at Mark 14:34-36 and Luke 22:42 we see that they say the same thing in their own way. It was because of love for God and us with obedience to His Heavenly Father that love prevailed, and conquered a multitude of sins, and put us back in right standing with God, after Adam and Eve failed. Do you want to experience God-like love, that Jesus demonstrated, then accept Jesus and allow His blood to cleanse you from all your sins and make you new again.

Jesus displayed God’s Unconditional love, Agape love, Endless love, prevailing love when  He died  for us. This enabled us to have life and have it more abundantly. Do you want to pass up that experience of a life time? Who on this earth do you know would die for you intentionally, so that you could be free? Don’t wait another minute go to the top of this blog, click on to the salvation page, and follow the instructions. Do this so you can start loving like Jesus loves, walking like Jesus walked, be close to God like Jesus was, be righteous like Jesus was. Don’t hesitate it’s time to get close to God, time is running out. God’s love has prevailed so go get it.

All glory, praise, honor, and thanks go to God, the Immortal, Invisible, and only wise one, who used me as one of His messengers to get His message out to the lost and un-saved, in every language, to every country, to every nation, I pray that He will give all who read this and those who pass it on the spiritual necessities to comprehend what the Spirit of the Lord has to say to His people, in Jesus Mighty Name I pray, Amen.


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