Don’t have an earthly valentine? So what. I can assure you that you have a  Heavenly one, and His gifts are priceless, and He loves you everyday. Valentines day drives a lot of people crazy, some feel loved, some un-loved; some get gifts, flowers, and other things while some don’t; then sadness kicks in, then depression, then loneliness. But realistically if that’s the only day you want to show me how much you love me then keep it, because it’s not real and you are forced to love me because of the holiday. However, for those who get and don’t get gifts, we have gotten our love gift from God our Heavenly Father years ago, through His only begotten son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He loves us so much He gave His life on the cross for us.

So if you feel un-loved or un-wanted today, think of the only One who ever loved you unconditionally; that He gave up everything, and He didn’t set aside a special day to do it, because He loves you every day. He proves His love by waking you up, so you have an opportunity just to read this and feel special. His gifts are limitless and they come daily, just stop and think who else can give you grace and mercy, favor and blessings, life everlasting, healing and a whole lot more. So allow Jesus  Christ to be your valentine for life, and you will never be without a valentine, never be lonely, and never have to go to hell; try Him today. Is valentines day the only time you show or get love? Then try Jesus, because He loves daily. Visit the Leading Someone to Christ/Salvation Prayer page to read and pray the salvation prayer or lead someone else in praying it.

The best gift you could give someone for valentine’s day is the opportunity to know Jesus Christ, and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. God gave Him to us years ago as we see in John 3:16-17, which states,”For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

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