The song goes,’ It takes a fool to learn, that love don’t love don’t love nobody’,the truth is, only God our creator and humans can give,and show love,please don’t include animals because if you go into the hungry lions den,he will display his love for you by eating you,without any regrets,so let’s be real,and ask yourself who do you really love ? How do you categorize love ? Is fame and fortune really love ? Is your beauty love ,infatuation or love? Is love and money the same thing? People who claim they love you today and hate you tomorrow,never loved you at all.

And the question again is: Who do you really and truly love ? This is where you know who is of God ,and who is not;This is where you tell the true children of God from the imposters and pretenders,because we love unconditionally like,how God and His son Jesus loves. How I know who truly loves God,from those who don’t; John 14: 15  Jesus us,” If you love me keep my commandments” ,this means as a child of God you obey and follow them till Jesus returns,then in verse twenty-one,He told us,that those who obey His commandments are those who love Him,and because they love Him,God loves them and He (Jesus) loves them.Now tell me who do you love?

Most people just don’t realize that true love begins and ends with God,if He is not ,the head of the triangle,then love will end,because it all begins with Him.The truth is ,my friends when you truly love God,we don’t live by the worlds standards,we live by Gods examples,that was displayed through His son Jesus Christ,we are led into all truths,righteousness and Holiness by the Holy spirit ,the comforter ,that Jesus gave us (John 14 : 17),who resides in us,so if you are a still doing the things that you did  when you belong to the devil,then it simple means you still belong to him,and the love of God is not in you,because there is no change,no transformation,no rebirth, and you prove who you really love.

Gods children obey Him,they love Him,they accept and believe in His son (Jesus),their lives are change,they worship Him,they make sure they are not forsaking the assembling of people who worship him,they never compromise their relationship with God for the things of the world,if you are not sold out for God then you are double-minded,and unstable in all your ways ( James 1:8),which makes you lukewarm,and God has to spew you out,because ,He knows your works that you are neither hot or cold,didn’t you know that,read it for yourself in Revelation 3:15-22.It’s called revelation ,because it reveals the truth through the Holy Spirit,so who do you love ?

God has no stepchildren or grandchildren,so you are either a child of God or an imposter.Stop fooling yourself ,stop allowing the devil to trick you into believing that God knows where your heart is and you are safe with Him,No you are not safe,God is not ok with your sins, nor your lifestyle,by no means is He happy ,thrilled or pleased,and anything or anyone that stop or prevent you from obeying and serving Him,proves to Him that you don’t love Him and His love is not in you,now think about it who do you  really love ?

The main thing about God’s children we love Him,worship Him, thank Him,and praise Him unconditionally,it’s all about Him and because of that,nothing bothers or phase us ,because ,Jesus give us peace of mind,not as the world gives it,and it is the kind of peace that surpasses all understanding (John 14 :27 and Philippians 4 : 7) tells us so.This enable us to be bold and tenacious,unafraid,more than conquerors,because we are Gods child,we have faith,hope,trust and above all love for God.So Gods children have no problem talking about Him worshipping,praising and thanking Him every chance they get.Do you love Him ?

Here is a oppotunity to know, love ,worship,serve, thank and praise Him,go to the top of this blog ,click on to the salvation page,and follow the instructions.Now to Him who is able to keep you without stumbling, slipping,or falling,and to present you faultless and blameless before the presence of His glory in triumphant joy and exultation with unspeakable  , ecstatic delight,to the one and only God ,our savior through Jesus Christ be the glory,honor,praise,and thanks for using me to get His message to His children,and that He will give His children the wisdom,knowledge,and understanding to receive this message and make a change in their lives,to God who splendor, might, dominion   , power and authority belong now and forever,Amen.