It is amazing how the government, can throw words out there and we grasp it, fear it, believe it, and get into panic attack mode. Technology has gotten so advance, that  people are trying to make gadgets to control the world and everyone in it, yet failing to realize, that someone called God, already occupies that position with all power in His hands; Yet, the God who makes the world, with everything, and everyone in it, we do not fear.

Let me inform, and explain this truth and fact to the world today, the only person who has the ultimate weapon of mass destruction is God. What else does God have to do to convince you; In the days of Noah, He destroyed, the whole world, except for Noah, his family, and creatures both birds and animals of every kind, and God’s weapon was not man-made it was water(Genesis 6-9), read it for yourself. Folks, that’s what you call mass destruction, and it was not done by men, with their limited capabilities.

God has been proving Himself mighty and strong all over the globe, His omnipotence is unmatched, and unstoppable; and in these latter days He is demonstrating it to us more and more, it is sad if you don’t comprehend, or see all that’s happening around the world lately, lets not get it twisted, as to who is large, and in charge. But, like in Noah’s days there will be another day of mass destruction, for satan and all his followers, this time it will be by consuming fire and brimstone, known as the lake of fire (Revelation 19:20; Revelation 20:10), and only those who accept God’s free gift of His only begotten son Jesus Christ will be spared (John 3:16-17; John 14:6).

Listen, you don’t have to believe me, you can wait and see for yourself, but it will be too late; The first thing that will take place is the rapture, then the tribulation period (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), then the battle of Armageddon, then the lake of fire. Is that where you want to end up? If not, go to the top of this blog, click on to the salvation page, then follow the instructions, it will be the best decision you ever make.

All glory, praise, honor, and thanks go to God the Father of our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ, for using me to get this message out to His people. I pray it enlightened, informed, exhort, and edified you as it did me, it’s time to get serious we are in the last days ( 2 Timothy 3:1-5).