Being a mother is an absolute joy for most women, that’s why they can proudly say that’s my child or my baby, because they carried, fed, and beared all the pain, while we men just have to shut up and smile. I have to take my hat off to all mothers today, they are very special, loving, kind, and compassionate, a mothers love never dies. One thing for sure they are strong, brave, and courageous too, especially those who have more than one child, God knows we men could not, even for a second go through the pain, and agony they endure for eight to nine months, and hours of pushing. So mothers enjoy this day to the fullest, and do magnify the Lord, because, He did choose a woman to bring, His only begotten son into the world, to save us from our sins. So  please give the Creator thanks, for making you all special. HAVE A HAPPY MOTHERS DAY .