Heavenly Father help your children,

open up their blinded eyes,

soften their hardened hearts,

renew their distorted minds,

allow them to see the signs and wonders of these latter days,

the destruction that’s happening world-wide.

You warned them in Your book (the Bible),

the only book that outlived people, places, and time,

yet they refuse to read and understand it,

instead they dispute, dilute, delete, and try to discredit it.

Now they are acting and pretending

as if they don’t see or hear of the manifestation

of Your presence, power and displeasure

in their attitudes and behavior.

You are indeed showing Yourself mighty and strong.

Now I understand your frustration with the children of Israel,

I see it happening right now, history repeating itself.

I pray in Jesus name they will see the light,

before darkness consumes them forever. Amen

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